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The fitness industry needs fitness professionals who know the science behind the exercises they teach. Certified personal trainers are also known as Personal Trainer‘ or ‘Fitness Trainer‘ or ‘Personal Fitness Trainer’ or ‘Fitness Professional’ or ‘Weight Trainer’ is one of the fastest growing professions today. So, what is this field of Personal Training? And why is there a need of this field of Personal Training?

Metabolic Disorders, early ageing with physical degeneration and obesity are on an exponential rise affecting the quality of life. All research indicates a strong co-relation between sedentary lifestyle and disease and all cause mortality. So, this increased emphasis on health and fitness for disease prevention has opened the doors for a new field of profession ie. ‘Personal Training / Fitness Training‘. The average lifespan is increasing and along with it lifestyle related disorders and diseases. The middle and young age groups are now showing an increasing rate of incidence of lifestyle related metabolic disorders. Childhood Obesity is also rising at alarming rates, again predisposing these children to metabolic and musculoskeletal degenerative disorders at a very young age. The common link with disease is sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. With all research showing a very strong relationship between sedentary lifestyle and disease, the requirement of educated and skilled fitness professionals is on a phenomenal rise with an exponential career growth projection. The requirement of qualified and skilled fitness trainers is at its peak level and is most likely to keep increasing over the upcoming years. As per international estimates, the projected growth rate is 8.4% annually from a period from 2014 to 2024 which is faster than average for all occupations. Going by global trends, India should also have similar or even better growth rate estimates.

Who is a “Personal Trainer” or a “Fitness Trainer”? A Personal Trainer is a healthcare / fitness professional skilled to prescribe and teach exercises to healthy people and to people with medical disorders but with medical clearance to exercise. Based on this, our course is designed to create Fitness Trainers to fulfill the above criteria. Accordingly, we have prepared a syllabus so that a student acquires the right knowledge, skills and abilities to become a complete Fitness Professional.

  • Anaerobic exercise.

  • Cardio-respiratory practice.

  • Elasticity and mobility training .

  • Injury stopping exercise.

  • Foundation to high level training systems.

Based on this our course module covers the following topics and you will learn about :-

The human body and its working in relation to health, fitness, exercise, disease prevention and disease modification and the Techniques of counselling and motivation to become successful trainers and coaches.

Our certified personal trainer courses includes

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So there was a need to create a course that caters to the needs of people coming from all varied backgrounds of education and experience. The need is for a course that will teach and equip an individual with the knowledge, skills and abilities to become educated, successful and result-oriented fitness professionals who can work with clients to improve fitness, prevent disease and who can work in sync with medical and paramedical professionals to take care of people with medical problems but who have a medical clearance to exercise. The entire syllabus and chapters here onwards are written and compiled purely from the above standpoints to create educated and skilled Fitness

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